What is 402?

There are a common set of pipelines and tasks that need to be done in almost every modern bio paper/project. Yet, most people don't have the time or expertise to learn the ins and outs of bioinformatics. 402 is an attempt to help everyone in the field work faster and smarter.

Who is behind 402?

Shaun Regenbaum created 402. He is associated with Hebrew University and Tissue Dynamics.

Is 402 free?

It costs money to run the servers that power 402. Right now we have funding to offer these computational resources for free to academic researchers and individuals. We hope to keep it that way, but if we can't, we will let you know. For commercial users, please reach out.

What is the future of 402?

402 is in active development. We are working on adding more pipelines, but our roadmap is determined by you. What does the field need? What do you need? Please reach out to us with any suggestions or requests.